Tuesday, April 22, 2008


My 100th item going out the door today.

Wow. I got my 100th sale today. Almost a year to the day of my first sale on Etsy.
I posted about this milestone in the forums on Etsy and someone asked "Which felt better - the 1st sale or the 100th?"
I didn't have to think long before realizing that the 100th sale feels better. It took over a year of product development, learning the ropes on Etsy, several failed products, days of reading forums and blogs, making products, uploading photos, banners, avatars and descriptions, agonizing over whether customers will like my work; and plain, old work to get to that 100th sale. That, my friends, is why they call them milestones. They are hard won and much appreciated.
The first sale was a matter of blind faith. That sale spurred me on, true; but, ultimately, the desire to succeed and love of my craft is what keeps me going.
So happy 100th sale. 101 is gonna feel great, too...

A personal milestone...I went bra shopping with my daughter this evening. She is EIGHT. Yes - you read it right - eight years old. She now has a few actual little bras. They are growing up at warp speed these day. Scary...

Monday, April 21, 2008

So Close...

As of today, I have sold 99 items, 1 away from my first big milestone on Etsy. I got curious and looked in my records to see when my first sale was. It was almost exactly a year ago. If I get another sale in April, it will have taken me one year to reach 100 sales. I'm pretty happy with that statistic. I don't sell jewelry or supplies, so it's a little harder for me to reach the big numbers. But I'm gettin' there - slowly but surely.

The buyer of my 100th item will receive an extra-special gift with their order.

Come on 100!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

New At The Cottage

Asian Bird Box
Originally uploaded by CarolinaCottage
Just listed this in my shop. I've made a similar one before, but it was larger. The paper is made by Basic Grey and is one of my favorites.

Art I Love

blue pears & the bird
Originally uploaded by oneblackbird

I absolutely love her work - the colors, style - everything. I would SO love to display this in my home.

The artist is Diana Fayt and you can find her etsy shop at http://oneblackbird.etsy.com

Monday, April 7, 2008

Etsy Shop Of The Moment!

I am the "Etsy Shop Of The Moment" on the Nole Style and Beauty Indulgence blog.
See here.

I'm always thrilled to be blogged about.

Thank you, Ayana!