Tuesday, May 6, 2008

The Nonsensical Ravings Of My Lunatic Mind

Sigh. Things here in the Sunshine State haven't been too cheery lately. My mother-in-law moved into my 1600 sq ft. townhouse last week. We now have 5 people and three dogs co-existing in one living space. Most of the sq. footage is upstairs. Which is where I go to hide when things get too crazy for me. Which is often. Fortunately, my bedroom is large enough to hold my "studio", computer, 2 bookshelves, 1 bed, 2 nightstands and a wicker chair covered in clothes I'm too lazy to put away.
We have a contract in on a house in Longleaf, a neo-traditional neighborhood in New Port Richey, FL. The house looks a little like a farmhouse, therefore, I am dubbing it my neo-traditional farmhouse.
If this sale falls through, I can be found living under US 19, probably around Countryside, as it is the nicer part of the county. We will have no place to live as of June 1. The landlord rented out the TH, which she has every right to do, even though the announcement of her intentions sent me into a panic attack. She really should have been more considerate of my feelings. I think everyone should put my feelings first.

Here's a photo of the house. Pretend you didn't see it because the last 2 times I posted a pic of a house I wanted, the sale didn't go through.

Yes, I know I'm superstitious.

If/when this does happen, I will be posting about my decorating adventures.. I have bought at least a dozen items from Etsy that I have been saving over the last year for a new house. I'll be documenting (I hope) all of that, along with paint colors, furnishings, blah, blah, blah...

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