Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Fall In Florida

Fall Trees
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Here in Florida, fall is subtle. It's usually just a slight change in temperature. And it usually happens in February. I remember raking oak leaves so many times in February.
This year has been different. The air has gotten cool earler. The mornings have been spectacular. Cool, with mists rising off the ponds and lakes, drifting over the road as I drive by.
And the trees are changing color. Maybe it's because I moved an hour north. That could be just enough to make the difference.
Whatever the cause, I'm truly grateful for the fall-like weather. We wanted to move north for the seasons, but the economy tanked, so we stayed in Florida.
As consolation, we moved into a neighborhood we've been drooling over for 10 year. Now, cool weather. I feel that the fates have smiled upon our little family.
Next, I'm hoping for snow on Christmas Eve...

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