Monday, July 19, 2010

Real Simple Feature

ta da!

The response has been AMAZING! Never did I expect so many people to want to order my coasters. Coasters made by me. Seriously. If I accepted all the orders, I would be busy for months. Too much of a good thing.

By the way, I am thrilled beyond belief!


Alice said...

Dear Melanie:

I am interested in ordering 2 sets of your coasters when you get the chance. Some questions? Do you select one map location to then be divided up amongst the 4 coasters, or can one have 4 different map locations, one for each coaster?

I am interested in the area of Spain called 'Cataluña'; which includes Barcelona.

Also, The North eastern seaboard, specifically; New York City and environs and New England including CT and MA

You can contact me as soon as you are able to begin processing orders,


pamwares said...

Congratulations! I have been checking your shop to see how you are doing. Very exciting and well deserved. Great shop and great blog! And we are kinda are north Pinellas and I'm south Pinellas!

Debbie in Nashville said...

Congrats on being featured in Real Simple! I just found you in the magazine and stopped by your Etsy shop. You are a very talented and creative person!


Ray said...

I, too, found your coasters irresistable in my Real Simple magazine. I would like to purchase three sets, but cannot figure out how to do so (I am obviously very computer-challenged, and as these will be gifts for my children, I cannot ask them to help me out!)
These will be Christmas gifts, so I am not in a tremendous hurry. May we set up an email communication, so that I know when to expect that you might be able to process my request?
My email address is
Thank you,
Tracy Morgan
Knoxville TN

Piper's Pet Sitting said...

Like many others, I found your information in Real Simple and visited your etsy shop but see that you have closed it. Are you taking any orders at all?

My brother is a GIS Analyst (he makes maps for a living) and a photographer so your coasters, or anything map-related, would be the ideal gift for him.

Please let me know if it's possible for you to make one of your awesome creations. I can tell by the photos of your house that you live only a few miles from me so shipping would not be necessary.

Thanks so much!


Bethany said...

Please let us know when you will be processing the coasters again. I'd love to order for Christmas gifts. Thanks, Bethany

Deborah said...

My brother and sister (in law)are on their long awaited round the world trip. I would dearly love to give them these coasters as a Christmas gift! Mainly I am looking at cities in Australia, New Zealand and Singapore.
please contact me at
ps I have the same question as a previous city per coaster or 1 map divided into 4 coasters.
thanks so much!
Deb Goodwin

Deborah said...

My brother and sister (in law) are finally on a long awaited trip around the world. I would love to give these coasters as a Christmas gift. Would you be able to do maps of cities in Austalia, New Zealand and Singapore?
Are maps one city per coaster or 4 coasters with one city on it?
Thanks! Please contact me at
for the exact cities.
Thanks you
Deb Goodwin