Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Max by CarolinaCottage
Max, a photo by CarolinaCottage on Flickr.

dog or seal?

He can flatten his ears so close to his head you'd think he doesn't have ears!

Such a sweetie and quite the character. He came to us 2 months after we lost Shiya. And while he can't replace her, he does make me smile.

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amanda said...

Hi Melanie,

I know this is a bit unconventional, but I'm not sure how else to get in touch with you! This is Amanda Crabtree, from GreenCraft Magazine. I'd like to talk to you about being featured in another article in an upcoming issue, but the email address I have on file for you doesn't work! Would you mind sending me an email at acrabtree [at] stampington [dot] com? I hope to hear from you soon!