Thursday, July 28, 2011

The Power Of Social Networking

Occasionally, I help rescue dogs. Co-workers know this. My friend Dale asked me if I knew of a Chihuahua rescue, as his son brought home a dog someone was going to abandon. Don't get me starting on that...

Long story short - I told him I was post it on Facebook and little Pepe was adopted before midnight.
All I did was post seeing if anyone would like a small dog and requested that people repost. Then I added photos. Fortunately, a former co-worker is a chihuahua fan and wanted him. It's as simple as getting the word out. Any these type of sites do just that. There's no way I could have reached so many people so fast. I don't want the world to be taken over by computers, but some of this stuff can change the world. For the better.

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