Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Buying A House...Maybe

We put a contract on a house in Kennesaw, GA. Twice as big as our previous house for the amazingly low price of 200k. I hope we get the house, but we're REALLY worried about finding jobs. What, you say, you don't have a job and you're buying a house!!?? Yup. Cause we're insane. Actually, my hubby is waiting to hear about a job and I'm sure I can find SOMETHING. I'll work 3 jobs until we get over the transition if I have to. I'm a graphic designer for the numero uno direct mail company (think blue envelope), so I should be ok. Fingers crossed.


Erin said...

Good luck, we just got under contract with a house yesterday...whew!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful house! Good luck!