Monday, March 10, 2008

Me And My Conscience

There has been a lot of talk for a long time about NOT using products made in China. I must confess that the trays and boxes I use are, indeed, made in China. I'm not proud of this.

I sell my wares on Etsy, so I read everyday about people using recycled and repurposed materials. And I thought "Wow! These people are cool! I should be doing this!" But it was easier to place an order and have stuff delivered right to my door. I officially feel bad about using products made in China. Sooooo - after my current stock of trays and boxes are used up, I will no longer be using them. I will start hunting for items that I can alter from thrift shops, etc. I'm thinking suitcases/luggage, old jewelery boxes, furniture and fabrics.

Hopefully I can continue creating and feel better about it at the same time. :–)

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Hannah said...

Kudos on your decision!