Tuesday, March 11, 2008


My little family is going through some major stuff right now. We sold our house last year (in a bad market - due to my home staging skills, thank you very much!) and are renting an overpriced townhouse. It's nice, but too small and no fenced yard for the dogs. Gettin' real tired of putting 3 dogs on leashes every time they need to pee.
Soooo...hubby wants to move up north - he's a native Floridian - but that is REALLY scary right now, with the bad economy and our lack of higher education. And two kids who deserve a stable childhood.
We're waiting to hear if he got a job in Atlanta. Meanwhile, we found a really good deal on a house, but feel compelled to pass it up until we hear about the job. Or should we stay here, where we have jobs? And end up in a small house in a not-so-great neighborhood. Or should we move to Europe and become gypsies? I am so overwhelmed right now, I could scream. Or cry. Or throw something. I'm too confused to decide even that.

The photo really has nothing to do with the post, I just like taking pictures of my feet. And Nikki's, in this case.

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Nodin's Nest said...

I understand, I have been struggling with most of those questions too, Im also in Fla.
good time to buy, bad time to sell,
where to go?,better schools? maybe canada?